In-Wall Speakers


I am in the process of putting together a pretty good (at least I think) HT. But my side surrounds are going to have to be in-wall speakers for a variety of reasons:

2)The baby is starting to crawl and I am afraid she will pull one of the stands down on top of her

to name a couple. Can anyone recommend some good in-wall within a budget of say $800 and below. I have looked at Speakercraft and Niles but I am not exactly sure what I am looking for. Also, should I be looking at dipole/bipole/tripole speakers?

Thanks for all the help,

I have four Paradigm Reference SA-30's in a dedicated HT and am extreamely pleased. I use them for the front mains and the rear surrounds. I use the Paradigm Reference Studio CC for the center. People who visit can't believe how good they all sound. I also looked at B&W. Ended up going with the Paradigm's due to price and overall quality.
I have 12 in walls in 5 different rooms and they can be very satisfying. Use great speaker cable and great power cords on the amp. This makes a huge difference. Virtual Dynamics cords completely changed the sound of my system. I'm using Sonance speakers but I imagine most are similar and don't have as much sonic identity as floor standers.