In-wall speaker testing

Quick and simple, is there any good way to test the sound quality and response of in-wall speakers without cutting holes in the walls? I am looking to clean up the living room and will be installing in-walls but want to try them out before dedicating to one brand. Sadly, there aren't many stores to test speakers in nowadays. Im wanting music to be the focus of the speakers with theater being second. Would building a simple box be sufficient? Thanks in advance.
Don’t think building a box to plunk them in will tell anything meaningful

There are two distinct camps of in-walls: good and BAD!

in the former case, Martin Logan and the like are a safe bet
but you only get what you pay for

I have yet to hear any in the latter camp that I would even bother with.... and I’ve heard a lot of choices. ML had fine in-wall units I must admit, along with other major brands.

For all the many reasons highlighting the warts affecting in-walls (a well travelled plethora of posts) I ended up going with the Martin Logan’s on-walls .....
Easy to install on the wall,
easy WAF aesthetically, and
generally superior in performance to in-walls ....


they ranged in price from > $1000 per unit across the front, and $600 apiece for the four surrounds and $600 for the sub.

Choose wisely. Personally I would not gamble on chewing up the walls on an emotional flyer based on grabbing cheapos based on price.
If you haven't heard Wisdom speakers, you can't imagine how good in-walls can sound. My dealer has them set up in-wall at the showroom and they are amazing speakers. I sold my Wilson MAXX-2's to get the Wisdom L75 system with SC-1 controller (which incorporates crossovers and room correction), SCS subwoofer, and SA-2 amplifier (for the woofers. I'm using my monoblocks for the tweeters.).

I purchased the free standing version, but they are available in-wall or on-wall as well. BTW, I am not using the system for home theater, only music. I couldn't be happier.

Wisdom is the work of Tom Bohlender and Dave Graebener, formerly of their namesake speakers (Graebener died a couple of years ago). Check out the Wisdom website. 
The newest toys in the box:

MONITOR AUDIO SoundFrame series

Just saw them at my dealer, not yet set up.
A  new product (for me) that  comes in an on-wall,or in-wall configuration 

They are not cheap but you only get what you pay for in this hobby: