In-wall speaker recommendations

I'm looking for some in-wall speakers for our 15 x 18 bedroom w/cathedral ceilings and for our great room(open to the dining room, foyer & upstairs) with 24 ft cathedral ceilings.

I've listened to Sonance, Paradigm and B&W all side by side. The B&W's were by far the best. But I just can't justify $600-$800/pair for in-walls(that's almost as much as I paid for my used Vandersteen 3A's). Even the "cheap" B&W's are $400/pair.

Can anyone recommend some good in-walls for closer to $200-$300/pair?
You and I came to the same conclusion. After much research I decided it had to be the B&W 7NT (Nautilus) in walls plus B&W install kits. I am extremely pleased with how it turned out, they are excellent, especially considering their size and convenience factor.

I think mine retail about $1300.00 but a guy in my music group bought a slightly lower series B&W in walls off Ebay for (I think) $400.00 a pair and they were as new.

Audiogon and Ebay have new offerings several times a day, so keep an eye open and I'll wager something will turn up that perfectly fits your need.
Yeah I have B&W's installed throughout house (bedrooms, bathrooms etc.) and outside in the garden on two levels too. My mains (not B&W) are in wall mounted also. Go for it.
i use a pair or totem in-walls in my den. very nice! in 1 of the latest trade magazines, they reviewed some totem in-wall speakers and they also liked them.
Which model Totems & how much did they cost?
i have the taw 6.5's with a little sub. new, they are around $500. i also have a jolida tube integrated amp, phillips 963sa sacd/cd player, and a nikko am/fm tuner. i also use a dac between my macintosh computer and the jolida so i can listen to internet radio and my ipod.
Same dilemna here. I'm setting up my family room... 17x15 with 20 ft. ceiling. I have a pair of Paradigm SA-35's for my front speakers. Seating is by one of the walls, 15ft from the speakers. No real place to put the rear speakers except just behind the seating area, which would be very close to the listener, so I'm thinking of in-ceiling. But is there anything good out there to cover that height? Also, for center speaker, can I get another SA-35 and just set it on its side in the wall under the mounted plasma?

Thanks for any advice.
Trying to get in touch with the person who contacted me about Parasound in-walls. I've lost your email address. If your still out there, I'm looking to make a purchase.