In-wall speaker help

I am looking for a high quality in wall speaker in a 6x9 size. Currently I have paradigm and sonance and I am having real problems with sibilance (sp?). I am also open to suggestions as they are being powered with a high power sonance amp. These are being utilized as background in an exercise area and bath, but the poor performance is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance.
B&W makes a line of in-wall soeakers, you might give them a try. Their website is Good Luck, Doug
Linn also produces in wall speakers. The sibilance that you have experienced with two different speakers may also be something else in the chain. If you can, try hooking up a pair of more conventional speakers (from your other stereo if you have one) to the in wall cables and see if the problem still exists. I am not familiar with Sonance, but the tweeters that Paradigm uses in their mini moniter are a bit grating IMO. Too bad because otherwise is is a very dynamic sounding and fun speaker.
I have Sonance in walls with a 12 channel Sonance amp. They didn't sound like anything until I hooked up a subwoofer. Now they are very satisfying for background music.
I have top of line sonance in ceiling for surrounds and in another room for music. Haven't been dissatisfied. Just might not have your ear.... Also varies depending on model. I would check out B&W (if I didn't have the sonance already), and wiring might be an issue (weak link).