In-Wall Long Runs of Speaker Cable

I am going to be setting up a home theater system in my living room and need to run the speaker cable through the wall. Going through the archives it looks like Canare seems to be the standard. Is that still the case? Anyone use the LAT International in-wall cable, the Belden cable from Blue Jean Cables or anything else with satisfied results? I would like to stay around $2-3/foot. I appreciate any suggestions.

Try the Transparent Opus MM2, I believe it should be right around $2/3 per foot (you mean $2/3 thousand / foot, right?). Actually, you should check some of the speaker cable archives as there are many who find the stuff purchased at HDepot and Lowes very good (I believe that is the solid core vs. stranded wires). I am not 100% certain, but I believe it is refered to as Romex?
It's NOT Romex. The HDepot/Lowes wire many refer to is actually heavy-duty power cords. Romex is what your house is wired with. It would work, but I can't imagine it could compare with the better shielded and configured power cords - or the Belden / Canare.
I have used Canare 4S11 through walls, around power wires, and it seems to work well.
There are building code requirements for in-wall wire. If you care to have your insurance be valid make sure the wire is certified.
As Eldartford said, make sure that it's certified for in-wall use. I bought a 150ft spool of in-wall Monster wire for $15. Honestly, for rear channels, I don't think that you need to spend a lot of money.
Actually, Transparent does have a whole line of in-wall products, and they're excellent . . . I think that they have stuff in your price range. All of their cables are plenum-rated, so they can be used in both residential and commercial.

They have accessories such as wall plates and Speakon connectors available, and you can add a network later as an upgrade option.
Home Depot makes a stranded cable for their outdoor low voltage garden lights, which is suitable for most rear surround applications
Scott- for my money, you can't beat Kimber Kwik 12 speaker cable which is in-wall rated and an excellent product that can even be used as a bi-wire. At $1.85/ft it is hard to imagine anything available that is better quality or value.
Hi Scott
One of the things to watch is that your wire / wires are fire rated. The wires that are not rated for in-wall use give of toxic the event of a fire.
You probably never have to worry about this but it good to be safe. If you want to use non rated wires I would suggest to use a conduit. This way you can change your cables any time provided you use large diameter conduit.
Good luck.