In wall -/ in ceiling speaker suggestions please

Building new home and want to incorporate a theater system with in wall or in ceiling speakers. Planning on 5 theater speakers, speakers in kitchen, mst. bedroom and outdoor pation. Suggestions please!
Budget,other equipment,level of quality? All these things need to be considered.
I am most looking for suggestions for the in wall / in ceiling speakers, which would be the fronts and surrounds. Also speakers for kitchen and bedroom, which I also want in wall or in ceiling. Budget about $1,000 total.
Niles Audio has multiple price points and make great products. They also make volume controls and speaker selectors. The volume controls are important due to differences in room size and acoustics.

The selection of in-walls is so broad, you have to spend time listening and evaluating. Ensure you understand the room and placement of the speakers for for casual or critical listening.

SpeakerCraft CRS8 In-Ceiling (Home Theater Rear)
Comments: Like the pivot tweeter...I don't have the speakers right on top of me so the sound is more natural for background details like doors being opened and footsteps. With the pivot tweeter you don't have to be picky with speaker placement.

Monitor Audio W265 In-Wall (Kitchen)
Comments: Big speaker with pretty good soundstage and bass. Kitchen can get crowded during parties so the sound gets filtered a bit.

NOTE: Good cable is required for In-wall or In-ceiling because the runs will be pretty long.
I love my Klipsch in-ceiling speakers, with a Paradigm sub. This is a stereo system in a living room that is not my primary critical listening system.
I would think in-ceiling speakers would be fine for rears in a surround system, with in-walls for front and center channels. Your budget might be stretched, but you might find a deal on the web, or used speakers on Audiogon. To stay within the budget, I would suggest skimping on the sub, and trade up later.
Check out Home Theater Direct. I am using the 8" High Def in the front and the 6" High Def in the rear for the last three years. Great sound at very reasonable prices. Check them out you will be happy you did.