In wall cable

Can anyone recommend a really good in wall cable that would pull easily and be at least 12 ga. ? Needs to have a very durable long lived jacket.
I am just getting ready to install two additional dedicated lines in my sound room. I bought 200 feet of this.
Elescher,...that looks interesting though the link above did not work until I tweaked it a bit;

It looks in-wall rated at seems to be 10-gauge. Let us know how it works for you as it could be a nice, more cost effective alternative to Romex.
The link to the soundstring cable looks like 3 conductor, which seems like a waste. There 2 conductor bulk cable is

Belden 12 gauge CL3 in-wall is a standard, non-exotic cable. Parts Express and Blue Jeans have it and you should be able to find it locally at an electric supply house. 10 gauge also available.