In-wall cable help

I'm finally to the point of finishing up my room a bit, and setting up a projector I purchased recently.  I'm struggling a bit to find in-wall rated cables for the following so I can hide everything away and a have a clean look while not having to worry about code. 
- 3.5 male to male TRS cable (60 ft or so) for IR / Trigger usage (niles MSU250 to Sony VPL385 projector for IR, Sony VPL385 to motorized screen for trigger)
- XLR balanced cables (75 ft, two runs) to connect marantz AV8802A to (2) JL f212V2 subs

I have monoprice balanced cables running now to subs as for the length I needed they were the simplest option and most cost effective, but I don't think they are in-wall rated.   Several have recommended CAT6 wiring for the trigger cables, but I'm not clear on how to make that work.  I tested mono and stereo short runs for the Niles to Projector run so trigger cables may not matter if mono/stereo.

Any suggestions appreciated! I think I'm going to go with metraav HDMI fiber optic for a 65ft run as that will help avoid inserting further electronics in the chain as my processer doesn't support HdBaseT.

You might need to purchase unterminated in-wall bulk cable from somewhere like Markertek, and then cut to length and add your own connectors. Using a wall plate and then running a separate cable from the plate to your equipment might be best. Just make sure you use the right gauge cable for the length.