In the US, how is your internet connection terminated in the home?

I’m based in the UK and I’m trying to find out how the internet connection is terminated in the US.

For example, assuming a wired connection via copper, in the UK we use RJ11 wall plates with the dsl signal on pins 2 and 3.

I know that in Europe they use RJ45 with the signal on pins 4 and 5.

Please can you advise how the service is delivered in the US?


It’s RJ45 cable termination in alternate choice of configuration, but I’m not the techie to try and explain the benefits, warts, or differences between the two.

my VERY, VERY limited understanding:

It will say right on the cable and we always use A in Canada . Both will work, both are accepted standards. Some customers will specify one or the other. IT types tell me, you should use the same for the permanent wiring as the patch wiring to arguably avoid a little noise at the transition.

A Crossover cable is made by doing one end in T568A and the opposing end T568B. Most commonly in Canada it is wired with T568A but if you purchase pre-made patch cables (and from China) they will most likely be wired as T568B.




If you are asking how internet service enters the home, we have either phone line delivery or coax cable. The modem does connect via RJ11 then is converted to RJ45 for distribution with either type of service. I can’t tell you which of the 4 conductors carries the data.

That’s great, thanks for the info… Much appreciated.


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