In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment

While the world is in the middle of a major economic event, the last two pieces of gear posted by Stereophile to their online site average $30K a piece.

If this doesn't make you feel like you belong to their target audience I don't know what will.
A bit too harsh and terminologically inaccurate, but it's bad, real bad, no doubt.
Are they out of mind?!! Northern Va. is opening today, phase 1, yet yesterday as a huge spike in cases and deaths in Va. most of which are in Fairfax country, where your humble scribe lives. Yet the Governor and state officials say data supports opening. WTF! They’re obviously lying. and Virginia isn’t the only one, not by a long shot. Are they trying to kill us?Help!
Double WTF. Fascists.
USA...Unabashed Sociopathic Activities...., Inc.
That amplifier in question is Danish.

"...huge spike in cases and deaths in Va. most of which are in Fairfax country"
Are those numbers by where test/death occured or by person’s residence? Not that it makes it tremendously different, but it would be interesting.

Keep the mask on, wash your hands, stay in closed public spaces as short as possible regardless of number of people there at the time. Keep the mask on even if there is nobody there.