In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment

While the world is in the middle of a major economic event, the last two pieces of gear posted by Stereophile to their online site average $30K a piece.

If this doesn't make you feel like you belong to their target audience I don't know what will.
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You're right in that mortality rates for other ailments are plumetting but the gruesome reason might not be the massaging of stats that has been reported.

It could also be that Coronavirus is getting to those unfortunate people first. It's well established that those with underlying conditions are at the greatest risk.

As nonoise posted above, we still don't know (or haven't been told yet) of the long term after effects of this disease.

Let's try to stay safe, at least until we have a whole load more of the facts. Should be interesting to see what the effects have been on those affected pro athletes once sports are back up and running.

But I agree with you about the amp.
Well, only the people who are very well off will have a 30k integrated unless a second mortgage is taken out. 
High end audio has always since my teen years been a hobby learning, observing and seeing where financially I fit in.  Since I fall middle, middle class for income even a $1000.00 integrated is big money for me. I love music as much as any audiophile but cannot afford to change systems on a whim.  This is where network music streaming is prime for people like me that cannot afford thousands of LPs.
It is good Audiogon provides a service that offers quality moves for less than 5 years prior prices.  I estimate, my guess only 10% of the world population would fork over 30k for an integrated. Unless there are more people that I realize with deep pockets.??

the reviewer's Class A home system is way more expensive than the Aavik Class D Integrated...
Those who can afford a $30,000 component have been least affected economically.