In the market for a CD transport any opinions??

I am presently building a 2 channel system so far I have the following:

Amp - Jeff Rowlans Continuum S2
Speakers- Raidho D1.1

Trying to choose a CD transport up to $3500

Simaudio  Moon Neo 260D
Ayon CD 07s
AVM Audio CS 2.2 CD player AMP Streamer

I know these are widely varied units, however, I would like learned/informed opinions of members that have experience with them pros/cons etc.   These are listed on Auidogon from various sources for under or up to my budget of $3500 max
I recently acquired a refurbished Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 Transport (with a one year warranty) that looks like a 10/10 and works/sounds wonderful. I couldn't be happier. It cost a fraction of your max dollar to spend, and in tandam with my DAC it produced better music then many high end transports I've owned from CEC.

I'd suggest the PS Audio PWT. It is a pure single purpose CD transport  that provides excellent sonic /musical results.  This is a top tier memory transport that can be purchased used for under 2000 dollars. It has an exceptional natural and engaging sound. 
Yes, PS Audio PWT! I use one running via I2S into a Wyred4Sound DAC 2SE and this is the most enjoyable CD playback I have had after many different CD players.
Thanks Charles and Steve it had actually been on my list and I had dropped it for the others that had more features I will definitely reconsider it again
Thank you both for your input/opinions!
In terms of features you may certainly find other transports that suit your needs and that’s understandable. My enthusiasm for the PWT is essentially based on sound quality as a stand alone criteria.
Thanks, again Charles for your input I appreciate it