In-the-Grove lp cleaner

Got one for Christmas. I think they are $20 or so. Far more effective than a brush. Consider it essential if you like dust free lps. Cheers.
Cool, thanks for the tip, I just ordered one. I wonder if it's made from a similar material to the Zerodust stylus cleaner.
Not sure, but I have a Zerodust too and that is a wonderful product.
My complaint with this is, that it should have been made in a conical shape so that it would roll in a circular path consistant with the shape of an LP.
My complaint with this product is that it left a residue on the LP I tested it with. Tossed it out.
Are these the same material that the sticky buddy from the infomercial is made of?
I mean GROOVE cleaner-not grove cleaner.

I havent noticed a residue. Clio09 how did you detect it? Was your lp tacty to the touch?

Never saw the infomercial...
I detected it by accident. The LP was not tacky to the touch and the residue was not easily visible by just looking at the LP. When I played it I noticed much more noise than usual. So I looked at the LP under bright light and you could then see the residue. It was so apparent that I could actually see the cleaning pattern I used when rolling the brush on the LP.
Yikes, I'd get out the AIVS four-step solutions and clean off that residue before playing it again.
I do use AIVS products and it wouldn't remove it.
Sorry to hear that. What did your stylus look like after it ran through the residue? I'd contact the sellers or manufacturer to see if there is a remedy.
It was only one LP and I maybe played it about a minute before shutting down. Not to take any chances with the stylus I thoroughly cleaned it (Magic Eraser and a light sanding) and inspected it with my loupe and it is fine.

It wasn't worth my time to contact the manufacturer. It was $20 wasted IMO and just threw it out.
wow-i dont see any residue on my lps after using it. anyone else experience residue after using this product?
01-01-13: Clio09
When I played it I noticed much more noise than usual.

Did you notice this noise Tbromgard? My order hasn't arrived yet from Music Direct, but I'm already considering returning this unopened.
My complaint with this product is that it left a residue on the LP I tested it with.
Ditto my experience with the similar (looking) Nagaoka record cleaning roller, especially when the roller is new.

Such rollers are also ineffective for true record cleaning, since they can't reach down into the grooves.

Given these limitations, I use it only for what it's good at: removing the line of surface filth dredged up by a Hunt CF brush from VERY dusty LPs prior to wet cleaning.

FWIW, my AIVS/Loricraft wet cleaning process removes the visible residue. Since I only use the roller on truly filthy records, a removable residue that's not down in the grooves is a minor inconvenience... better than clogging up the bristles of my wet-cleaning brushes with dust, IMO.

On ~80% of LPs I can remove the visible fluff with the Hunt CF brush alone. In that case I don't bother with the roller... just go directly to wet cleaning.

My $.02
no noise noticed-i am pleased withthe product
i use it for bt wet cleanings, instead of a brush
I just got this gizmo. My 2 paise worth. It's not a general purpose cleaner but IMHO extremely useful for a first time clean of brand new sealed and garage sale records . IME all new LPs have a fine layer of micro dust clearly visible with a LED or CFL light. I tend to use a Mo Fi felt pad to gather the dust in one place with a clockwise and anti clockwise motion and then use the gizmo to remove the dust. DO NOT use it on records if they are OTW dust free. Ditto for a first time clean of garage sale LPs.
At current exchange rates my 2 paise is way less than 0.2 cents !!
You and I said the same thing in different words... similar methods and results. Your post is worth at least $.03!!!
Hi Doug
Good to hear from you. You just devalued me and my currency by 300%!! Lol
I never was any good at math. Do I have to return the elephant? ;-)
Well I might as well report my experience with it. I did receive it, but took precautions not to use it on a quality LP to test it. I tried an older, dirty LP, which I listened to beforehand, many pops, ticks, etc. I used this new gizmo, I didn't notice that it left any residue that I could see, but it was very sticky while using it. I was hopeful that this was picking up lots of stuck residue and grunge.

Afterwards I listened again and I could tell no audible difference. Certainly not anymore noise, as Clio09 suggests, but no less noise either. I did clean my stylus after use. My experience would not lead me to try it any further, though I did not throw it away. It says is works to clean plasma screens too, so I may give it a try there. To me, if it does not improve things, I don't want to risk using it if it is possible that it could leave a residue which I cannot see, but may build up on the stylus. I'll stick with my carbon fiber brush for dry cleaning.
I haven't tried one of these new units, but I had a similar-looking unit years ago and it was a disaster. While the "rubber" wheel picks up surface dust and gunk quite well. But for whatever reason (static adhesion?) it turns the tiny bits of gunk into larger dollops of gunk that get re-distributed along your LP. Only now they are charged, and stick to the LP like glue. Bad idea, IMO.

A good RCM is the only way to go. I do use a Spin Clean w/ RO water as a first pass pre-wash step if I have an especially dusty or dirty record. But nothing gets played until it goes through the full treatment on the RCM.
Ive been using one for a few weeks now and its great for a quick clean before playing-there is no residue left.