in the eye (ear) of the beholder

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That type of console sure was popular when I was a kid.. Philco, RCA, Mac, JBL, Marantz.. ALL had consoles of one type or another Paragon Metregon speakers.. Pure COOL!!!

For aesthetics Grundig was the the Gold standard, from what I’ve seen in the USA.

Telefunken and a few other Eastern European manufactures also had some nice models (including large/huge table top radios).

I’ve seen a few more than decent examples by Zenith and Magnavox (copying MCM design), but doubt that many were produced/sold.

Also recall an Amercian line with Danish Modern cabinetry, but blank out on the name (probably scarce/rare due to the added cost of the cabs).

Once considered buying/gutting one (Telefunken) for a side table, but it was too deep for the small dining area.

Ended up buying a pair of black iron MCM (4) shelf brackets @ the same thrift and put together a slim (8" deep X 5’ wide) unit to hold the bulk of our cook/food books.

I listened to the big JBL unit when I was a Kid at the Audio Lab in Harvard Square. I got my 7C and Thorens TD124 from their used department.
The JBL just could not compare to the K horns. Consoles can be gorgeous but they are a bad place to put a turntable and resonance in a cabinet that big is very hard to control. I am into ESL line sources which makes something like this a non- starter. However, I am in the process of building a Walnut cabinet in an alcove in the side wall of my media room and it will be handsome.
I couldn't imagine having something like that in my living room anymore!

@mijostyn I will be making a two level shelve out of 18" x2" maple with a live edge for my components. I've looked online and can't find anything suitable.
dadork104 posts   Good choice to build you own.  For 20+ years I had a high end modern furniture store selling the best from Denmark, Italy, the US and more......and ended up building my own stereo bench.  It is how so many good to great things happen or happened.   It happened with a man named Ferrari. 

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Not Lane (I inherited my mothers cedar lined Lane).

Could have been something cobbled together and private labled since we had furiture manufacturers close by in IL, MN and WI @ the time (1960's).

My parents once dragged me to Tel City Mart (think that was the name) in Chicago one weekend and they ended up buying awful Early American style stuff to replace MCM stuff.

And then, 3-4 years later, came the shag carpet.

Vacuuming pot seeds out of shag carpet makes a very entertaining (memorable;-) sound. 

Was never into Danish Modern but was fond of the pickled wood square edged MCM style.