In search of........Reception

Any recommendations on a good analogue tuner under $350? Doesn't matter if it's new or used.
revox b261 (excellent sound, even tho digital, & it's tunable in 0.125 increments), onix 0a21 (will cost more w/soap p/s), magnum ft101a, older accuphase's, sansui tu-x1 or tu-9900. don't forget your roof-mounted antenna from antenna performance specialties - ~$225....
Buy an amplified FM antennae. I found that solved ALL of my reception problems.
Do you have cable TV? A lot of cable systems have FM in the feed and they don't tell you. Lots of stations. I personally put a real antenna in my attic crawl space and tapped into the TV cable going to the room with the stereo. Than I just plugged the tuner into the cable TV wall outlet. Works super !!!!
Tandberg made/makes an excellent tuner, and if you can find one used it's a great value. NEC also made some excellent tuners in the late 1980's and early 1990's, such as the NEC T6 series. The antenna is a critical link, no matter how good the tuner. If you want to stick to an inside antenna, Stereophile lists several in their "Recommended Components" list. I have a suggestion, however. There is a Canadian web site called "The Audiophile Store", which is operated by the magazine "UHF". They make and sell an excellent indoor antenna called the FM-S, which costs $50 CDN, or about $35 US. Look at the following web link for more info:
You may consider the Kenwood KT series built in late 70s to early 80s. The Marantz tuner series built in the early 70s to late 70s. I personally prefer the Marantz due to the smoothness of the gyro wheel.