In search of Power Amp replacement

I'm powering a pair of Clements RT-7's (T-line & ribbons) 6.5 ohm and have a Forte Audio Model 2 Pre. These are not the most efficient speakers on the planet but I have grown to love the way they sound. They have very deep bass and the amp would need to shine in the lower registers. Bryston and Creek have been suggested to me but I've not heard either yet. The sticky point is my current budget. I need to keep the cost in the 1k range(new or used). I would appreciate any and all suggestions.
How about the Krell KST-100? There's one for sale on audiogon for $1080 inc. shipping. They're not new but for the price are excellent amps. I use one with sonus faber amator 2. Many people use them with static speakers. They go down to 800 at 1 ohm.
I had a Krell KSA 100 amp but replaced it with a McIntosh MC7100 amp that I like better. More dynamic and smoother. Quite a little power house and a bargain at $700 or so. You could stick with Forte too - I have seen some good deals on the 200W AB amp (forgot the model, 4?) lately. Good luck! Arthur
Hi to a rare fellow owner of the Clements RT-7 loudspeakers. I use the venerable tube Cary SLA-70Sig with full range glorious sound. The bass extension and bass slam both quite incredible despite the general belief that only transistors really grab hold of woofers. Also, the ribbon tweeters really sing with tubes. For CD's I use EVS Ultimate Attenuators directly attached to the RCA input jacks of the Cary amp so no separate preamp or extra interconnect required, which saves money. As you may know, selection of tubes optimizes the performance, but this amp sounds fine even with modest cost modern tube choices. A more expensive choice that I have listened to would be the Aronov LS960 which creates RT-7 bass that will allow you to make fun of speaker owners with separate subwoofers. Both amps come up occasionally on Audiogon. This is a minority report since I think you will receive many more excellent transistor or hybrid recommendations. Perhaps recommenders will comment whether their favorite amp allows the very revealing ribbon tweeter to do its thing without any trace of listener fatigue setting in.
I too have used tube power amps for my RT7. Currently a SoundTech Power Amp One (using 6550s). This suggests that a tube amp with 6550s will give the kind of bass impact you want. I have liked the way the speakers sounded with my Anthem Amp 1- EL34s- (iwhich powers my other system) but not quite as much bass oomph as the 6550s. Strangely, though, a Sonic Frontiers SFS 80 (using KT90s) sounded dead with the RT7s (but good with other speakers.)

I heard my RT7 when auditioning them with a Bryston 4B. A pretty good combination but not the best I've heard with solid state. I preferred the Audiolab 8000P, and if you can afford it, the Bryston 7b. An aquaintance I once knew had the RT7s with a Classe (I can't remember if DR8 or 9) and it was excelllent. My first choice for ss amp.

Under $1000? Carver ZR1600 ($800 and change). Try it, you'l like it.
I also own a pair of rare Clements Reference RT-7 speakers (purchased about one year ago, unseen, unheard, out of State of Connecticut). As you know, the rated speakers' efficiency is 88 dB, and the nominal impedance is rated at 6.5 Ohm, two-way system. I believe that there is not an easy answer to your question, if you budget is limited. On the other hand, not all expensive power amplifiers would automatically be good matches for these hybrid type speakers Clements RT-7. They might sound properly with either a good solid state amplifier or with a tube design. You will have to do more research, tackle different options and assume a certain risk when buying another amplifier, in case you won't be able to do a listening test before making a final decision (that would be actually the only good thing to do). Basically, you can try any high current power amplifier rated at a minimum of 100 watts/channel/8 Ohms in connection with the Clements RT-7, and see what will happen. I could submit you a list of several power amplifiers I know very well you could use with the Clements RT-7, but I am afraid all will be out of your range price (actually it is not clear what is the high limit of your amount for a power amplifier). Again, try, experiment and assume a certain risk (we all do the same eventually). On the other hand, if you believe the Clements RT-7 don't sound right for you with your present power amplifier, it might also happen that you don't like their sound too much, therefore you will have to replace them by other more enjoyable and listenable speakers for you. The Clements RT-7 are very musical speakers, but also with a very transparent, delicate, refined sound from bottom up, quite neutral on vocals (although with just a bit of warmth added) plus with a signal that seems to come from only one driver. They have a unique and special sound to me, practically different in a few ways from many other speakers I've heard (in the sense that they are quite impersonal and neutral as presentation, hard or almost impossible to be recognized by their sound using a blind method). In this context, you may also want to try a direct comparison in your setup and home, between Clements RT-7 and another pair of speakers you appreciate or know very well, so that to better hear the differences between both sets of speakers and make a final decision before letting the Clements RT-7 go. Let me know please if you need any more assistance or guidance. Good luck! Emil - Hartford, CT, USA
I agree with Eldartford on the Carver. I just sold my Classe 400 because the Carver gave me more bass, dynamics, details, and volume from my old Mirage M3 that were always difficult to make do the above things. I am getting another as the money I got from the Classe will more than pay for it.