In Search Of !!

Hello, Does anyone out there have a Good Step ~By ~ Step video on how to set up a Graham Engineering 1.5 Uni-Pivot Tonearm ? I need further instructions Beyond a paper manual that shows the proper set ups with V.T. Azimuth, Cart Alignments', etc.. I looked on You Tube ? But there's everything But! this. L.O.L.

The Chops
I don’t have a video but it can be easy if you have the correct tool.
Do you have the spindle tool and the cartridge alignment jig?
If you have those tools it’s kind of easy. Just take your time.
Mr. Graham has made comments that he can set up his arm and any cartridge in under 10 minutes. It took me longer than that. 
 I read the manual about 5 times before I set up my Graham arm. My manual came with pictures and that helped. 
Best of luck to you.