In Santana we trust

I just finished listening to my (lp) copy of "Havana Moon".
Wow! I was kind of blown away. I haven't listened to this lp for over a decade. ( My copy happens to be a promotional copy). This was released in 1983. Having said this, it really sounds gooood! Very analog! Side one is really blues based.
All in all, this one was really worth mentioning IMO. Enjoy!
Havana Moon & Blues For Salvador are both very solid records. They're 'solo' albums, wish he'd do more of this kind of work instead of the commercial dreck he's been putting out for too long!
I like it to and was really stoked to see who wrote the album title's song Chuck Berry. It's was one of those records that was released and just quietly went away.
I also like Carnaverserai. I have my LP set aside to play, just haven't had time to play it.
Ill have to give the music a listen,I have their first 6 LPs or so Caravanserai,Welcome and even Borboletta are still my favorites
The Fabulous Thunderbirds were his backup band on a number of the songs. Jimmy Vaughan vocals shine on this LP. My favorite Santana LP.
Miner42 are you sure about the vocals? Kim Wilson was the vocalist in the T-birds, not JV.
There is a lot of Santana music over the years on my list of things to revisit again when time permits.

Latin musical influences in popular US music seems to be on the rise in recent years and have heard a lot of fantastic related stuff. Santana is the classic rock pioneer of that form in particular over the years.
Great interview with him in the latest Rolling Stone...
i'm with raytheprinter--the spacier, more exploratory stuff like caravanserai and borboleta holds up a lot better than the poppier stuff that came before it or the increasingly forgettable stuff that came after. "welcome" is antoher goddun.
I agree that Caravanserai, Lotus and Abraxas are the Santana bands best recordings. Although not as musically intense several Santana recordings are severely overlooked...Marathon, Freedom, Spirits Dancing in the Flesh and Milagro. If your unfamiliar with these recordings don't let the critics determine there worth.
For me, the first record was great; a startling and original fusion of latin and rock music. Abraxas was half a step back, but still an interesting record. After that, other than Caravanserai - little of their music was of much interest to me. His playing often recalls Clapton to my ear, not always a bad thing, but probably a little too much for my taste in CS's case. When the music wanders toward straight pop, as so much of it has recently, there's just not enough in his playing to make me pay attention. As always, YMMV.
Besides 'Havana Moon' and 'Blues For Salvador' he made 3 other interesting solo records when he was calling himself Devadip Carlos Santana (ala Mahavishnu John McLaughlin). The best IMO was 'The Swing Of Delight'. Although he used various other musicians on the double album, the highlight was that he primarily used the members of Miles Davis's 2nd great quintet; Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams, and Wayne Shorter! Of course, while 'Caravanserai' can be considered the only Fusion recording by the Santana band, his hardest hitting Fusion record was his collaboration with Mahavishnu John McLaughlin; 'Love, Devotion, & Surrender'. The Santana band record that rarely gets any love is Santana III. To me it's as good as Abraxas, the only time the band had TWO lead guitarists, a very young, but extremely smokin' Neal Schon, who went on to make it big in Journey. Being an aging latino hippy;), I always loved Santana as it was the perfect mix of Rock, Latin, with some Jazz overtones. I really can't listen to his music anymore. His 'formula' since 'Supernatural' has been the same and it bores me to tears. He's making more money than ever so I'm happy for him, but his music has stopped evolving and the worst aspect is that so has his guitar playing.
Miner42 are you sure about the vocals? Kim Wilson was the vocalist in the T-birds, not JV.

True, but I believe JV is the vocals on the song Havana Moon. Some members of the FT were the studio musicians on this LP.
Agreed-Swing of Delight is not only his best solo performance it also has the best sound quality(3M/32 track digital recorder).
Just ordered Swing of Delight on Vinyl,mint used copy goes for 5.00,that is very reasonable for a double album. Thanks for the tip,Carlos is one of my favorite axe players.
Doesn't sound like Jimmy to me. Possibly Kim.
If you really want to talk obscure....if you're a fan of the original Santana band sound here's 2 records you might want to check out. The 1st being original Santana keyboard player Gregg Rolie's 'Roots'. Recorded in 2001, sounds like what the band might've sounded like had they stayed true to the original concept. The 2nd is 'Abraxas Pool'. Recorded in '97, this record features all the members of the original band minus Carlos (Neal Schon's on gtr!).