in over my head?

Ok, so i purchased a Systemdek IIX. Then i purchased a Denon DL-110 to install with it. The installation information is sparse, the overhang tool that comes with the cartridge does not work with the head on the profile arm... How do I align the cartridge to the head and once that is done which protractor is recommended for completing the alignment? I'm not even sure I know the right questions to ask. Was hoping to listen to my first LP in years....
We all, at some point, had to get up to speed on all this. It can get complicated, but it's certainly worth the time and trouble. Your questions are pretty broad, and I think perhaps one of the best places to start is with this page:

As for protractors, the following page has several. My favorite is the KWillis protractor. It lets you choose from several different alignment geometries (perhaps the most common of which is the Baerwald):

Learn all you can, and things should go well.
Go to the should be info as well as a systemdeck gallery.
Sorry! In my post above, I inserted the same link twice. The second one was supposed to be: