In need of speaker cable help

I am in need of recommendations on speaker cables.I am familiar with some brands,"their sonic nature"if you will,but many more I`m not.I am in need of warmish/laid back speaker cables but yet not terribly rolled off highs or tonally out of wack.McCormack DNA2LAe amp and Conic Acoustics speakers(if not familiar,they are similar to avalons but more attitude)Thanks in advance.
Demo some JPS superconductor. Excellent cable for the money warmer and sweeter than others I have owned(nordost red dawn, kimber monacle)still detailed with great depth and width in the stage.
try kimber 8tc
MIT. They are the warmest most laid back cabes I have ever heard.
I like a very detailed cable, but have auditioned quite a few. Purist Audio Design was one that I auditioned and do not use because of it's warm nature. But that's just my personal preference--this was a very good cable--and might be the right one for you. I did find as you got higher in their line that the cables became more neutral and less warm. I would recommend starting near the bottom of the line and working your way up until the "warmth" factor is right for you.
Hey Tim, go as far up the MIT chain as you can, My recomendation would be 330 shotgun ic's and speaker cables - but expensive! Less expensive and in the sonic ballpark of shotguns is 330 series 3 ic's and speaker cables. Catch em for sale here at audiogon and you won't be disappointed.
Try Transparent Audio. Go as deep into the line as you can. I would suggest Super leve at the minimum. If you watch the used boards you should be able to find a pair easily. They do a fantastic job. Good Luck, Doug
Hi Fisherman, hows it going? I second the Kimber 8TC however use double runs for the bass, single runs of 8TC for the mids, and 4TC for the highs.(Larry)
You might try XLO Type 6, with a single run for the highs & a shotgun run for the mids & bass. These will give you all the qualities of the type 5 without the expense. The detail & soundstage will be great, lots of width & depth. The bass will be first class. I used this setup on a pair Vandersteen Model IV's. I thought it worked really well. Good Luck