In need of recommendations for window treatments

Hey guys,

apologies if this is wrong section for this. I'm having my 2.2 system delivered at the beginning of July and I'm trying to get prepared. It's going in my living room which is on the corner of my apartment. This means it's surrounded by 8ft windows. I'm trying to find the proper curtains to help with the acoustics. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ideally looking for something that will help negate the acoustic issues with windows, yet look good at the same time.
I've found that full-length draperies have improved my room in a major way. A medium to heavy curtain that you can have a pleated or folded fabric effect when drawn, rather than flat across the window to help with standing waves. I would not suggest "black-out curtains" as they may have too much damping and absorb the highs and mids.
JC Penny offers some full length draperies at reasonable prices. Pleated is a must. Way to go.
In addition to full length draperies able to block window and door glass, I found the use on glass of inexpensive tiny (almost invisible) Machina Dynamica's copper "flying saucers" facilitated acoustic and system performance improvement which is clearly appreciated, even if the mechanism of action is speculative.
This is independent of resonance reduction from long known helpful products such as Marigo Audio's VTS window or room tuning system.