In need of Audio Research preamp recommendation

I have an Audio Research D400MKII amplifier driving Revel Gem speakers.
I'm looking for AR preamp recommendations for this system.
Checkout the Audio Research database website for models and specifications. I have had over the years a LS-3, Ls-15, LS-16 LS-25MKII and a REF 1. All were good pieces. My favorite among the lot was the Ls-25MKII. It is very good piece and can be had for aournd $2,500 - $3,000 used.
What is your price range? It will be hard to give recommendation without that info.
$5,000 or less
In your price range, about the best you could do is the
LS-26 which is a dynamic preamp.
Having said that however, with that particular amp, I would recommend the LS-5 mkIII(which is an all balanced model)or the LS-25mkII.
Eee3, PLease explain "LS-25 which is a dynamic preamp".
Rrog,if you read again, I said that the LS-26 was a dynamic preamp not the LS-25. So, is your question referring to the LS-26?
If you've got $5k to spend, another two or three hundred bucks will get you a Ref3. Outside of the Ref5 and the new 40th Anniversary model, the Ref3 is far and away better than anything else in the AR lineup.

The Ref3 is a game-changer.