In need of an amplifier...

Just sold a pair on Nemo monoblocks that powered a pair of Magnepan 3.6r's. I was going to sell them as well, but I just don't think I can part with them. Considering Class D amps as I don't want anything to physically large. Maybe also a stereo Bryston or McCormack? Not interested in tube amps. I have a Modwright LS 36.5 Preamp. My room is 16 x 28 but I dont really listen to LOUD music. Jazz, Vocal, NuJazz, Fusion, some 70's rock etc. Maybe 86db max 88db. Any thoughts out there? I'd really appreciate it!
Channel Islands Audio class D monoblocks come in 100 and 200 watt versions. Ithink the former runs under $1500.
I've used the TAD Hibachi monos with MMGs (as well as some other speakers) and can recommend the pairing. Very compact and lightweight package, very good sound (notably warm for SS), very good value, very silly name.

I am running 2 Ayre V-3s in a horizontal biamp config. to Legacy Focus 20/20s. My pre is a custom tweeked ModWright LS/PS 36.5 dual chassis pre. The combo is terrific! You can probably do a pair of used V-3s and stay within your budget. Amps are about the size of the newer V5-xes.
I've read several posts of people having great success with the PS Audio GCC and GCA amps and Maggies. I couldn't be happier with my GCC mated to a pair of Usher X-718's.