In need of a musical shot of adrenalin......

Just listened to a clean copy of Animals "Animalization" on Polydor (mono) that I picked up a couple of years ago. I don't have a mono cart. An extremely enjoyable listen. Musical content is awesome. Anyone know of a better sounding stereo copy to be had?
You might want to stick with what you have Slaw. Mono recordings of this era were done very well and stereo versions were only mixed because stereo was getting popular.In other words the stereo versions were mostly half assed efforts some being done in one day or less. In alot of instances they would just put a few instruments in one channel then a few in the other and stick the vocals in a mono mode hovering in the middle of the speakers. I remember reading a story on Dylan's Blonde on Blonde where it took three days for the Mono mix and when they were pressured to do the new stereo fad they put it together in three hours. Which one do you think sounded better?