In need high-efficency speakers

I recently purchased a preowned Mystere IA-11 40 watt tube integrated amp to replace a 120 wpc SS amp. Overall it has a very satisfying sound with plenty of detail, dynamics and a tight bass for a tube amp.

The problem is the combination of our large town-home living/dining room combo with my 87db DIY Seas Froy Mk3 speaker, powered by the 40 watt amp means it can’t play loud, especially a problem with movies or TV specials.

I was hoping to change to the Zu Audio Omen Mk2 or Klipsch Heresy III high-efficency speakers. My wife and I agree it is unwise to spend that kind of money with our current finances. The Zu Dirty Weekend would be a cheaper option, but the Klipsch would look better in our living room.

So I’m looking for solid advice on what to do from this audiophile community.

Here is a link to my ’Virtual System’ if that will help.

Thanks all,
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The difference between 6 watts and 40 watts is about 8 db.  Roughly speaking, for a rotary volume control an 8 db change typically corresponds to about 60 or 70 degrees of rotation (aside from settings near the bottom of the control's range, where volume changes occur more rapidly).

So I would expect that you should be able to get to at least the 2 o'clock position without driving the amp into clipping.  And in any event I would expect that you would hear obvious distortion well before any damage would occur to either the speakers or the amp.

Good luck.  Regards,
-- Al 
@ elevick, I am assuming you have heard every horn loudspeaker? 
I respectfully disagree with you on that way out there statement. lol
I do however agree with you though that  Zu were harsh on my ears also.
Tekton's IMHO do not have anywhere near the musicality that in my case my Klipschorns have. These comments are based solely on audio shows, so perhaps not the most ideal listening situation. Probably.
tekton. at 94 db you will be fine.
@ wolf_garcia , Yes, I ride a tube frame with a Stage 3 motor , Ohlins / Works Performance suspension . Clip on’s and rear sets . Only 150 mph Sportster on the block . Also have a Road King . If I didn’t have the bikes, the guns , the boat , I could have a real set of speakers . But back to speakers , any thoughts on Tekton’ s Perfect Set ? 
Gawdbless, I heard the tekton  monitor impact at Axpona, they did not sound musical , it’s probably the room, the set up, or the component just did not match, I own the monitor for six months before Axpona, they were burn in and settled...they are very musical if you can find the right match of gears and room, Read Teajay review and post here, He described accurately the way they sound.....