In need high-efficency speakers

I recently purchased a preowned Mystere IA-11 40 watt tube integrated amp to replace a 120 wpc SS amp. Overall it has a very satisfying sound with plenty of detail, dynamics and a tight bass for a tube amp.

The problem is the combination of our large town-home living/dining room combo with my 87db DIY Seas Froy Mk3 speaker, powered by the 40 watt amp means it can’t play loud, especially a problem with movies or TV specials.

I was hoping to change to the Zu Audio Omen Mk2 or Klipsch Heresy III high-efficency speakers. My wife and I agree it is unwise to spend that kind of money with our current finances. The Zu Dirty Weekend would be a cheaper option, but the Klipsch would look better in our living room.

So I’m looking for solid advice on what to do from this audiophile community.

Here is a link to my ’Virtual System’ if that will help.

Thanks all,
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Tekton has new model set... check it out
I understand the attraction to tube amps, but why did you make the move from the 120 wpc ss amp ? What was it you did not like ? Not being negative, just would like to know, so I may give my input. Enjoy ! MrD.
It's the Tekton Perfect model at only 1800 bucks; perfect timing for Mike; give Eric a call...
mrdecibel asks an excellent question. The answer will help us give you better advice.
Simple answers, I just wanted to go back to a tube amp and like Mystere amp. My speakers sound great w/ tube amp as well as solid state, just would like more volume in some situations.
I like Mindlessminions comment on Zu and suspected that, reading and watching youtubes vids.
I like Wolf Garcias comment on Heresy III and is what I think would be best. Will have to figure out how to buy them. Looks like I'll be having quiter sound than I'd like for a while longer.
Im not sure on Tekton. Looks interesting from a quick look. Not as efficient too. I'll have to study them some more.