In my comparison experiment, go Lore or Lore Reference, or something else, for the same $

I've got a pair of Zu Omen Dirty Weekend Mk ii's on order, with the Jupiter cap upgrade and they will be here by the end of February. I've read affirming comments of this speaker, which will cost me about $1400 with shipping included:

1099 for the speaker
220 for the upgraded caps
100 for shipping

I'm not willing to spend a penny more for my comparison speakers, as I'm already over budget.

>> > So, I'm curious about Tekton Lore vs. Lore Reference and wonder if any of you have intimate knowledge of these > >> speakers AND how they compare...

Also, what else would you recommend as a very fine competitor to the Omens, in the price range mentioned..? 

I will note that I'm running these off of a Schiit Aegir and Saga + pre. 

This is a second system, for the master bedroom, where I tend to spend maybe half of my evenings in listening. 

I do have a solid 10" subwoofer (Martin Logan) with a 300 watt amp on board.

Thanks in advance!
You really need to describe what sound your looking for. Things you’ve liked and disliked about specific speakers. 
The Lore Reference has a goal of neutrality...not hyped sound. The ZU is a party animal. A heresy so to speak. 
Funny.  I bought a pair of Zu Omen Dirty Weekend speakers that should come in a week or so.  A friend of mine has Druids so I was curious about the sound.  I don't expect them to be keepers since I have both the Tekton Moabs and Magnepan 3.7's but I enjoy listening to different speakers to educate my ear.

Anyhow, this guy appears to address your question directly and in quite some depth. Only caveat is he us using Zu Omen Mk I from 2012.

Also, you haven't said anything about your room or price range but a used pair of Magnepan 1.7's can be had for about $1000 and with proper placement and enough amplification they are amazing and unless you are a bass head would probably blow the low end Zu and Tekton speakers out of the water.
I’d definitely recommend giving the LSA-10 Signatures a listen available here on sale from manufacturer for $1399 and 30-day trial period.  Read the reviews.  Best of luck in your search. 
My price range peaks at $1400, all in. 

@pinwa I did watch the video, but he reflects on an earlier version of the Omen DW (you noted 2012; it's nearly nine years from that point, now), and I've also paid to have the Jupiter caps installed, which is considered a significant upgrade. That being said, I continue to hear people praise the Lore as uniquely capable, at the price point. 

Keep in mind, I want a smaller speaker, so many sonically impressive speakers at higher price points and larger size will not fit. Magnepan won't fit, for instance. 

In terms of what I like: I own the Tekton Moabs, love them. Very impressed with the transparency, the layers of sound, the highly revealing mid-range, no edge nor harshness, full and articulate bass. They image well and could do better with a little more attention to the room.

I auditioned the Forte III and the Cornwall IV. Again, both of these are too big for the application I've identified, but I auditioned them on the way to the Moabs... For sonic reference: The Cornwall IV plays BIG - huge dynamics - and has an effortless quality that is very attractive. The Forte III midrange seemed a bit too "horny" for me, somewhat distorted, as though vocals had been blown somewhat out of proportion. 

In terms of what I don't like: Had a pair or Klipsch rp280f's for about 18months and they seem to have initiated a pattern of tinnitus. They were edgy/etchy/harsh. 

Room: 11 by 13.5, with a sloped ceiling sloping from a high point of maybe 12' on the short wall, to maybe 8' on the opposing short wall. 

@seanheis1 I like neutrality, provided it can deliver the signal authentically, such is the Moab experience.
Everything you like about your Moabs (which, very well described by the way) you will find in Lore, for the simple reason they are due to his design philosophy and technology. Haven't heard them, just based on a lot of research and listening impressions. 
Really..... you've never heard the Lore and also not other Tekton besides the Moab?? You sound ridiculous. 
listening99 If you have the Moabs then I think the Lores are going to be a little disappointing. I only heard them once and they were very detailed, nice soundstage, transparent, and quite impressive for a $1000 speaker.  They also sounded so small compared to the Moabs.  You know how your Moabs give you the rich enveloping sound on top of all that detail, soundstage, transparency etc. etc.. Well the Lores lack that rich enveloping sound.  But then so does every other speaker I've heard so far LOL.  There is a guy named Brad Hall on the Tekton Facebook group that has both the Lore and Moabs.  You might see if he will share his impressions. 
Rockport Atria II: 150lbs each 43.5" high and $26,500. 

Please read the original post, ebm.
Update to the video comparing older model of Omen DW to Lore. Apparently the Mk II was a significant upgrade.

@cat_doorman Thanks for the alert!

Very interesting to see his "decision" and I will be greatly interested to hear what the Zu DW mk II has to offer, after it enters my home in about a month. 

I've opted for a cap upgrade, to the Jupiters, which is not subject to the video review you are indicating. Looks like I may have a new preamp by that time, as well, as I've been running a Saga + pre and my Inspire Firebottle runs without a pre altogether.