In Memoriam: Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music

I just read this terrible news about the death of Bobby Palkovich of Merlin Music Systems. He was a great guy and this is very, very sad. Rest in peace, Bobby.
Thank you, Peter. I've tried all of the methods and was able to pull out the dent w a vacuum cleaner. U unfortunately, there is a little "crease" at the point where the fabric dome meets the ??surround??. Maybe 1/8" - 3/16" long. I'll get in touch w you off-line.
I received two emails from somebody at Merlin yesterday about an order I have pending. I was told the company is in "lock down" and until they can work throught the legalities of control of the company no orders are being processed. They did not address my payment in the response and I didn't push the issue figuring nothing can be done until this works its way throught the legal system and the estate gets settled.
I fell off the audio merry-go-round "cold turkey" about 7 years ago and haven't even looked at any audio sites for almost as long. This morning while surfing the internet, for no particular reason I stopped off at the Merlin Music website just thinking about the great VSM-MX that I bought directly from Bobby 10 years ago (I live a 3 hour drive away and have visited him and Bill 2-3 times). I read the headline on the website and it took my breath away. I am a bit in shock over this. Bobby was such a passionate and larger than life guy. He made me feel that even I was part of the process when he would play some music over his new speaker system in his plant (he had changed something or other) and would proceed to ask me how it sounded and then he would describe what he was hearing... Always trying to make something outstanding that much better. After the purchase of the VSM-MX, he was tremendously helpful in suggesting the equipment that sounded the best with it. Again, with his recommendation, I bought from him the little ARS integrated amp and it sounded and still sounds great as I continue to have both the speakers and the integrated. The VSM was so good I also bought the TSM-MM from him for another system.
The idea that I now can't get the latest upgrade for my VSM-MX or purchase a new VSM speaker system, or just the knowledge that if I got back into the foray of high-end audio, that I can't just drive the 3 hours to the lovely little town of Hemlock to see my buddy again makes me very sad. I know that I would be welcomed back with a wide grin and open arms.
I am glad that I at least got to meet and interact with such a bright light. You are sorely missed.
i also received the mail too,but i think he need a time to sort out the order because i think most buyer(like me) no order number

I, too, am shocked and deeply saddened by this.
Over the course of the last 15 years, I had no fewer than 25 phone conversations with Bobby nand this lead to:

1. Thew purchase of my first pair of Merlin VSM-Ms
2. Purchase of a David Berning Z-270 amp
3. Purchase of my second pair of VSM-SEs
4. Purchase of an ARS Sonum Filarmonia

I sold all the gear about 5 years ago when I had to move my gear into a smaller room so that the kids have a bigger rec room. I always believed that I would return to a pair of VSMs in their latest iteration once the kids finished school and I could reclaim the basement once again.

Bobby and I also spent much time discussing golf and various courses we have played. I can't believe that we never met in person.

RIP, my friend.