in home demo Chicago area owner swap

I know a pretty good group of audiophiles in the Chicago area and from time to time we haul some of our equipment to each others' homes. My trouble is that no one seems to have the equipment that I want to hear in my system.
I am trying to listen to a few dacs to see what sounds best. I would like to hear Weiss, Audio Note, Empirical and anything else that is available in the Chicago area. I will loan out my Rega, Esoteric or Valab dacs to those folks that are willing to do this.

Any takers?
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So it's a temporary swap to so you don't have to guess if it's going to sound good later. I have a Modwright 9100 with all the latest mods, tube rectifier power supply, bybees on the ac mains, and the Modwright umbilical cord. It's a fantastic sounding cd/sacd player that you don't tire listening to unless it keeps you from going to bed until very late. I am a VMPS owner/agent and have the maxed out pair of RM40's. Give me a call--it's possible. I have to order a few items for the 40s as they were bought from another phile and one driver was out. During the time the stuff is coming--it's possible. I can't listen until then anyway.
I sent you an email with my phone number. Call anytime.