In Europe, owning Coincident Super Victory/ TV IV?

I am looking for a speaker - amp combination to make my Transrotor Fat Bob with Lyra Dorian sing. From what I am reading, the Coincident Speaker Technology Super Victory, with the M300B Frankenstein MK II would be a great combination, matching my taste and system. In Europe, no dealer sells these, so I can not audition them. Does anyone in Europe own the Super Victory, or the Total Victory IV speakers? I would really be grateful if I get the opportunity to listen to them!

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The Netherlands.
I'm not in Europe, but we find that we need about 60 watts or so to really make the speaker sing.
Thank you, Atmasphere, for your response. I've both read that the Frankensteins with the super victories are a terrific combination, but also that Supers might be a little underpowered by the Frankensteins. My room is not very large, so maybe that is no problem for me, or is it also the quality of the sound that might be affected?
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Hi Azh,
The combination would sound awesome I'm using the Frankensteins and they have more than enough to power my modded Coincident Triumphs that use the exact same mid driver from both the Super Victory and TV IIII. These amazing amps are also driving two passive subs that contain two 8" woofers each(the same as the Super Eclipses). They are in a room 22 by 18 by 9. The power is not an issue and I listen to all kinds of music from rock to jazz and classical.I still am amazed that it is only 8 watts driving the speakers to loud volumes and what a sound!
Check out the StereoMojo review.
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I have been trying to audition the Super Victories also, I live in the UK. There is'nt a pair in the UK at the moment. The distributor would like to get a pair in, but in the current climate, there is little chance of selling a pair. There are a few pairs of Victories in the UK and I took the chance of auditioning a set last week. They were in second hand, for resale at a dealers. They are supposed to be very similar to the Super Victories, but larger and with a high driver compliment.
In short, I was very disappointed. Maybe the set up or amp a Unison research S8. That is a 24 watt 845 amp. It should have been a fair match. There was a hard edge to them, the treble and base was'nt integrated, generally, not my taste. I compared them with ART Deco 8 and 10 Signatures. Much more like it, a clean dynamic, sound, fast and transparent, but still musical, if you know what I mean. Comparable in price, they were streets ahead in this demo. Maybe the set up, room, matching, I do'nt know, but the ART speakers are on a very short, short list, for me.
Thank you for your experiences and your informative response. The room size you mention is also very relevant. I've read the stereomojo review, it is very informative. Best regards, Azh

David 12
Thank you for this information. Can you tell me at which audiostore the speakers are set up? I might go there to listen to them. It is a shame that they were a disappointment for you, but luckily you found an other match. I will put the ART Deco on my "to do" list. :) Best regards, Azh
AZH, yes of course, they are at Shadow Audio in Glenrothies, near Perth and Edinburgh, if you were to fly in. Take the chance to look around the Scottish Highlands, the most beautiful scenery in the world IMHO. Delightful people to deal with and a very good source of 2nd hand kit. They are happy to send out for dem purposes too, not sure about to Holland though.
To combine business with pleasure :) I've found the website of the store you mention, is it the total Victory II that you've heard? It seems that the II is quite different from the IV?
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Azh Yes that is the speaker. You may be correct, but I thought there were no major changes in the various Victory series speakers.
I have just checked the website, you are correct, there is a different driver compliment. Appologies if I mislead you. I have contacted Israel Blume by e mail and he was helpful, you could ask him how close the 11 and 1v speakers are in sound and whether it is worth listening to the older 11 version,as a guide to the sound of the Super Victory and Victory 1V.
David12 No appologies needed! I am greatful for your information. I am not sure whether to go to listen to the Total Victory II's, I am still hoping that someone in, or near Europe owns or sells the Super Victories or Total Victory IV's. I suppose that the Total Victory IV is more similar to the Super than the II. It sounded tempting though, to enjoy the vieuw there :)I've been corresponding with Israel Blume too, and he has been very helpful. But to me, nothing beats listening for myself.
Hi Azh,
I'm sure that there are Total Victories in Europe.If you are corresponding with Mr. Blume perhaps he can arrange an audition with one of his clients who would probably be more than happy to show off the their Total Victories.
Good Luck.
When my father (fellow audiophile) visited New York, a few weeks ago, Israel Blume and Audio Loft were kind to arrange for him to listen to the Pure References. They were, as my father stated, "the best he ever heard". Thank you Israel, thank you Thomas.
For some reason I don't like speaker designs where the woofer is at the side. My "guts" tell me this can only cause problems. By why do designers place woofers at the side?
Kindly click on What's New section where you can read an explanation about the advantages of mirror imaged side firing woofers.