In doubt about vac phi 170 IQ mono blocks and zesto eros 300 mono blocks

I Have "magico A3" loud speakers and now i want to buy an amp for them. I thought about buying two "phi 170 IQ" of "vac" but in the last week  iv'e heard and red a lot of recommendation about "zesto" mono blocks "eros 300" (both of them costs the same price, 20000$). So I'm a bit confused, can anyone raise some opinions to any direction and sure i would gladly be open to hear recommendation about different amplifiers too.
Thanks to anyone.
If the VAC Phi 170 sounds anything like the VAC Phi 200, you can find better sound for less money in my experience.
OK, thanks a lot for your suggestion , i will try to find more options to consider
We are a zasto dealer and the Eros mono blocks are extraordinary amplifiers 

George corneas  the lead designer of zesto worked for the BBC his designs are incredibly well built with each part of the circuit is maximized to create a low noise very  reliable product

The Eros replaced a 40k pair of cj amplifiers in our reference system 

The Eros could easily hang with may more expensive amps

The Eros are very well balanced and are  just a touch of warmth the bass control is excellent 

Quite frankly we can't think of another set of amps  for that pricepoint which would sound better for your magics

Dave and troy
Audio intellect  nj
Zesto dealers

Had VAC, ARC ... checkout CAT. JL5 can easily drive A3. If budget allows go for JL7. Nothing beats high triode power driving real life speakers to MY ears.

Google "Magico and CAT" and checkout the videos and reviews. They teamed up several years ago at shows. I believe CAT is the only tube company ever teamed with Magico.

Only experienced Zesto at shows. Bit too warm for my taste.
@joecasey I've heard that CAT have wonderful  amplifiers, but unfortunately the JL7 is over my budget and there is another problem , main problem, that there isn't a CAT dealer at my country, so its a bit of problem. I can only buy second hand of CAT, but i didn't see JL7 for sale only JL2....
Thanks a lot for you response and suggestion !