In-celing and in-wall speaker choice

I am moving into a new house and need some suggestions on how to manage the two rooms that will be wired for home theaters.

The first room will need in-ceiling L, C, and R and on-wall or in-wall surrounds. The second room has a vaulted ceiling, so I assume in-ceiling speakers are less desireable but the room geometry permits in-wall speakers throughout, unlike the other room.

Any suggestions on speaker choices? I have looked into def tech, Martin Logan, and PSB. PSB seems to be the only choice I've found with both in-ceiling and dipole in-wall speakers.

Any other possibilities?

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I have Atlantic Technology in-wall speakers in my secondary home theater. They have dipoles for the surrounds. Because I only have one side wall, I mounted the dipoles in-ceiling. Works great. I have both Revel and Atlantic technology in-ceiling and in wall speakers. For my Revel setup, I'm actually using ceiling speakers for the surrounds and I don't miss the dipoles one bit. You manage that with the angle of the speaker relative to the listening position. I have them direct-firing for 7.1 music options. But you move the speakers away from direct-firing if you want to have more ambient sounds. Regardless, the setup is fantastic. What I love about the direct vs. dipole is that if I want to use "all stereo" for background music, it sounds much better with my Revel setup vs the Atlantic Technology. The Atlantic Technology dipoles are fine with movies but not good when I want ambient music.
Without knowing the room dimensions anybody would be hard pressed to give any real guidance. Suggest you read Floyd Toole's book on 'Sound Reproduction' to get a clear understand of what factors are in play.
The Vienna Acoustics Schoenberg line of on-walls is a very good sounding, great looking choice (particularly for a contemporary room design). I've had a set of gloss black Schoenbergs in my HT room for 6 years now and I am still very happy with the choice

Good luck.

Hi Steve, good to hear from you! I assume that the Joseph's are a little up there in the price? I'm trying to do this for under $2-3K.

My thoughts are to use PSB's for the ceiling+in-wall surround room, and something like definitive technologies to do the in-wall speaker rooms.

Does anyone have any idea of how the Martin Logan's compare to these brands?

Haven't heard them, but looks like Paradigm also offers a good selection of inwalls with some cheaper options than PSB, etc. Might be worth a look since I'd guess they're in a similar performance range. Someone told me there were some deals on Revel inwalls (I didn't even know they made inwalls), and that might be worth exploring as well.

As far as dipole inwalls for the rears in the second room, I wonder if that's really necessary. My friend had in-ceiling rears placed a little behind and a little wider than the listening position(s) and with that placement they offered very nice diffuse and non-locatable ambient sound. Might save you some $$$ too if that would work, and with the advanced EQ programs in today's AV receivers I'd think that could compensate for your high ceilings. Anyway, best of luck.
Martin Logan Frescos and/or Martin LoganVignettes for on-wall installation (.. I've got 'em personally ... FRESCOs for LF, C, RF; VIGNETTES for rest in 7.1 kit + ML DYNAMO subwoofer)

MARTIN LOGAN PASSAGE for in-wall/ceiling installations

U won't be disappointed IMO... bunch for sale brand on eBay
Micheal you have always had a good nose for finding a good if not a great deal. I have heard the PSBs and was not overly impressed. Be patient some incredible deal will emerge from the woodwork LOL. I will find your old e-mail and chat. I regret not answering a year ago.