In-ceiling Speakers whole house system going in

Looking for some advice . . . again. Having home audio system installed but concerned over a large open space: the kitchen, dining room, living room - talking about 35ft[w] x 25ft[l] (split evenly on width between "living room" area and kitchen/dining area). This will be for music and there will be a speaker zone controller unit.

Its a older home so have 8ft ceilings and hardwood floors throughout.

WAF is in play so anything that isn't flush mounted is out - so no Gallos.

1)How many speakers in a space that big? 6, 8 or . . .

2)Roof line is pitched so should I look at speakers that are "boxed" versus infinite baffle-types.

3)I was looking at NHT iC2, Paradigm CS-60R, Home Theater Direct HD-R80 and Energy EAS-6C/RC-6C {BUT always open to suggestion on speakers: KEF, Sonance, etc...}

4)I really don't want to spend $500/speaker - I will if I "have to."

Lastly, if I get desperate I guess there is always Crutchfield.

Thanks ahead of time.
Your choices look good - the larger Paradigm in walls can rock. The standard in walls are necessarily very shallow speakers and not that good (I have B&W's everywhere and they are kinda ok for what they do). If you want to buy some used some big box audiophile speakers then you will need to build cabinetry around them (picture frame around baffle and smooth front surface). This can work well if you use mdf (not lighweight particle board or wood) but is much more expensive than a simple drywall...on the other had cabinet space is useful for media storage and you can use proper audiophile speakers of your choice.

I really don't want to spend $500/speaker - I will if I "have to."

It will be tough to get good quality for a main system if this includes in walls and installation. Have you considered a wall mount TV and wall mount speakers on extendable brackets (again you could install heavy audiophile monitor speakers if you use omnimount brackets into wood studs with lag bolts)
These look interesting (don't know how much the crossovers are though).

Also, click on the Home Page to see a list of other ceiling mount drivers.