In-ceiling Speakers - Any advice on selection

Okay, we know that In-ceiling isn't the best sound, but all these companies are developing new technologies for better sound, aimable tweeter/midrange etc.... Any opinions on Sonance Virtuosos vs Sonance Ellipse 2.0 vs Boston Acoustic VRi's vs Niles vs Polk LCi, TCi vs speakercraft etc....Reviews on line are so limited, and I have not found a place to listen.
I have the same dilemma... Have you ever figured it out? I am comparing Sonance to B&W to couple of other in-wall/ceiling speakers and can't find a place to listen to them side by side. Any ideas???
I have the Speakercraft Starlet 6's and they sound great. I'm still breaking them in (<100 hrs currently), but here are some comments (compared to my Totem Model 1's):

Very wide soundstage - even wider than my Totem's (which is hard to do)
Treble is extended and smooth
Midrange is very smooth and blends in well with upper frequencies. Sometimes on movies, words are hard to understand, but that's mainly due to the room interaction (not enough dampening materials, so it's highly reflective)
Not much bass, so subwoofer is necessary for <80Hz - I have a James subwoofer which blends in flawlessly
Blend in great with wall (and can be painted). Overall, highly recommended for prices you can find here ($1200).