In Awe of "Yessongs" Forty Years Later

Began listening to "Yessongs" on 8 track back in 1973, the year after I graduated high school. A friend of mine who lived in the neighborhood brought this 8 track along when we were riding around in my car. I had never heard of "Yes" or their music. I was immediately mesmerized. I proceeded to buy the 8 track the same day. Since then I re-purchased the recordings many times as they were damaged, wore out, lost, or stolen (once). Over the years bought and re-bought Yessongs at least twice on 8 track, twice on album, once on cassette and twice on CD. Was fortunate to see Yes perform material from Yessongs at the "World Series of Rock" Cleveland Stadium, 1975. What a wild concert that was, a rush running from the gates when they opened to get to the stadium floor. Over 40 years later, and here I sit listening on new headphones (Creative Aurvana Live 2) to tracks from Yessongs on my PC, still in awe of the music! Close to the Edge and Jon Anderson are still chilling. Yours is No Disgrace, Perpetual Change, Siberian Khatru, all still incredible musical performances! Anderson, Squire, Howe,Bruford,White, and Wakeman, all exceptional! Listening on the Creative Aurvana's is the best I've heard Yessongs in many years! (I'll be 60 in 5 months). It has always been a very compromised recording that does not sound nearly as great as the performances, even after a remastering. It's amazing that Yessongs has stood the test of time and after 40 years is still an awe-inspiring performance. Other recordings of Yes that I like exist, but this one is unique.
For me, the beginning using the excerpt from Firebird Suite is pure genius. 06-02-14: Ghosthouse
Absolutely! Yes started their show with the Firebird Suite at the the World Series of Rock and the anticipation that piece created was incredible.
I think that Yessongs is one of the best live albums of all time. 06-02-14: Maxnewid
Thank you! That is how I have always felt! If you're a fan of Yes and have not felt the thrill Yessongs can give, then please re-visit it! The music performances are still incredible considering this was all done live! Many groups could never achieve such musicianship, cohesion, and creativity live!
what version are you listening to (I read you're listening to tracks on PC)? 06-02-14: Ghosthouse
Nothing special, I simply logged into Grooveshark and started listening through my Creative Aurvana Live 2 headphones and it sounds excellent to me and the live affect is there. It's just mp3 I know, but Yessongs over the phones sounds good to me.
Here's a tale from the good ol' days. I got tickets to see Yes (3rd billing, Humble Pie (2nd billing, and Black Sabbath (top billing) at the Capitol theater (an old moviehouse converted to a concert venue, ala the Fillmore). At the time their records were; The Yes album, HP Live at the Fillmore, and BS's premier 1st record. They played for 2 nights. I went the 2nd night. What happened was the 1st night Yes and Humble Pie killed it and than Sabbath came out and got booed off the stage!! So on the 2nd night Black Sabbath canceled! Leaving the other 2 bands more playing time to fill in for Sabbath. Needless to say, it was a great night! Truthfully, if Sabbath had 3rd billing and played 1st they probably would've been OK, but.....ah, I miss those good ol' days!;)
Chazro - Capital Theatre in NJ? Saw Dire Straits there years ago. See YouTube for Life & Times of Steve Mariott (sp?). Great retrospective on him and HP.
Capitol Theater In Passaic, NJ was a great venue. I saw Mountain, The Who, The Kinks and many others there - way too many years ago.