In Appreciation of Healthcare Workers

I want to thank all the healthcare workers for the sacrifices they are making.  Thank you!

May you be safe and well.  Take care of yourselves.
Worrying about my niece who is an ICU nurse.  Thankfully they have the necessary protective devices so far...  very proud of her!
Enough can't be said for ICU nurses right now.  God bless each and everyone of them!
It is truly amazing what they are doing ... like firefighters rushing into a burning building. And they do it again and again, day after day, in grueling conditions.
Thanks for your thoughts...   my daughter is working in the ICU in Rhode Island...  she's been a nurse for 2 years and she's only 24.  I've always been proud of her but I never imagined her in harm's way.  I haven't seen her for six weeks,  she's been working non stop.