imput on bryston 4b sst 2

Im awaiting the arrival of my new Bryston 4B sst2. Does anyone have this in there system yet and how do they like it?
Sorry if I sound smug, but wouldn't it have been better to ask this question before you committed to purchasing this amp? Isn't it sort of a moot point now?
Well you do sound smug!! Doesn't everyone want their choice validated; why do most audiophiles invite friends over to listen. I have spent many hours listening to my friends new Bryston sst2 and it is a much better amp than his older ST, smoother and more refined. Good luck with your amp and many happy hours of listening.
What preamp and speakers are you using? I had the 7B SST monoblocks for several years and loved them. I'm not up to date on what changes Stuart Taylor has made recently, but I think this is trickle down from the 28B amp, right? If you're after an uncolored sound, you'll likely be quite happy with your purchase.
I have totem winds as speakers thus my choice for the bryston 4b sst2, Bang for the buck i dont think there was another amp that could drive them as good as the bryston could. As a preamp i a laid my hand on a demo Bryston Bp26 with integrated DAC. Got that piece for a steel. I love quotes like Rcrerar made so nice of him. NOT. Like Shannere said sometimes you like to be convinced by other audiogonist that they too have enjoyed a certain piece of equipement. The other problem i had was that i couldn't listen to the new square model of Bryston on my winds at my dealer because he hadnt received it yet, but i did have chance to listen to the SST model before and i did enjoy the sound it reproduced with my winds. Therefore the reason why i left this quote was to get some feed back of the new square model.
BP26 -- excellent choice (sold mine just a month ago) + DAC even better. That's as transparent an electronics chain as possible. Since Bryston amps usually have lowish input impedance I was curious if you were using a tube preamp which could have had a highish output impedance.

Sorry I can't help any regarding the SST^2 models.
Thanks Reynolds. I ended up getting the the bp26 with dac for 1800 cdn funds. and traded my atoll cd player on top of that in for it. Walked out of the store with the bp for 1000. tax in :) Lets just say for once i felt like i robbed a store instead of them robbing me.
Wow! Sounds like you got the preamp at practically dealer's cost.
I'm pretty sure i got it way less then dealers cost. Bp26 with dac and power supply runs for 5000$