Improving Your Front End Sound Quality Without a Dedicated Line

So, what did you do to enhance, improve, your USB streaming audio?

I’ve had the same basic system for years now. Finally improved the sound quality of my streaming music significantly with some gear I had laying around, an isolation transformer, and a few cables. This was a step by step process over years. I put in my Silver Audio Wattmaster PC to my PS Audio Nuwave DAC. Added a new isolation transformer to power the Nuwave DAC connected to my MacBook Pro (added an SSD). Replaced my Wireworld Starlight USB cable with my Furutech Formula 2. Put back in my Uptone USB Regen, this time with a Teradak U9 power supply in place of the stock SMPS. Replaced the stock DC cable for the Teradak with a new Ghent Gotham GAC-4 DC cable. Changed the power cord to the Teradak from a Wireworld Stratus to a VH Flavor 4 - These changes brought a new fidelity, deeper wider soundstage, details, transparency and dynamics like never before. The Macbook Pro and PS Audio Nuwave have never produced such realistic and beautiful music. Low volume listening is also great now. (outlets - Maestro and Porter Port) - a dedicated line is in my future.

I attribute the newly improved sonics to the lower noise floor that AC power changes made. All with an isolation transformer, a linear power supply, an aftermarket DC cable for the power supply, and power cord changes.

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My system has all digital sources, with a separate DAC (in addition to the one built into my preamp) and over the years I've found that the cleaner the AC power, the better the DACs perform.  When I upgraded from a PS Audio P10 power conditioner to a P15, I was surprised how much the sound quality improved.
The P15 is pricey. I used to own a Power Plant Premier many systems ago.