Improving SFS Media

In a recent Stereophile article, Kal Rubinson praised the sound and performances on a discs that the San Francisco Symphony issued to celebrate their 100 year anniversary. This disc has been remixed to play at 24/96.
The performances of Copland, Britten and Mendelssohn are terrific and it is the best sounding fiull orchestral Bly Ray that I have heard yet (with the possible of 2L Divertimento disc).
Kal wonders if the annoying PBS style commentary can be edited out. No, but try fast forwarding past the annoying commentator until you see MTT about to give the downbeat for each piece, then hit play. Annoying, but a small price to pay for a great sounding disc.
I wonder if it is possible to get the SFS to reissue all their other discs in this format.