improving digital amp sound

Although I find that digital amps have many advantages, I have also found that the sound is somewhat lean and clinical. Has anyone found that matching a digital amp with a tubed preamp restores some musicality to the sound, or is it just a mask?


I had the same issue with digital amps sounding lean and clinical. I purchased a set of Nuforce Ref 9s and had them modded by RAM. after 200 hours break in these amps are far from lean and clinical they sound awesome. I'm now using a tube pre but also have had a solid state and passive with excellent results with the modded Ref 9s.
A tube preamp will restore the pleasant harmonic distortion which the digital amp designer went out of his way to eliminate! Do what you like.
Before giving up on digital amps, give the Rowland 312 a good listen. You may very well discover that all these ICE-based amps are NOT at all alike!