Improvements to OPPO 105 DARBEE?

Are there some significant improvements to look for?
What features are obviously missing?
Are upgrades available via internet?
Assuming the stereo analog audio quality is adaquate; is there
any reason this machine would not be completely adequate to allow enjoyment of virtually all current formats for audio, video, TV, internet radio stations, etc?
What other specialty pieces of equipment are necessary to make full use of this Oppo?
I'm still using basic CD's & a turntable and not technically astute. :-(
A 4k TV! The Oppo 105 will upsample 1080p content to 4k resolution! Also, for around $2000 you can send it in to MODWRIGHT and Dan Wright will turn it into a unit with Tube output and tubed power supply. No features are missing from the stock unit. It is well worth the $1200 for this universal player with High end audio outputs via XLR or RCA and dual HDMI outs. It is the player of choice for todays source rich environment we live in.
I only have a very basic Panasonic plasma TCP50S60. Will the upscaling make a difference? I thought 1080p is all the tv can reproduce. I'm still using my older MIT component video connections as my tv is well away from my Lexicon RT 20 used for DVD and at about 18 ft I find the picture quality is ok. I could get a long HDMI cable if it gave a significant improvement.
What about The Upgrade Company OPPO mods? They have some good references.
I have the upgraded Oppo from The Up Grade co. and have been very happy with it.
enjoy Pete
Matt. rereading I think I should have understood to GET a 4K TV.
Makes sense now.
Unless you are watching a VERY large screen (over 80 inches) or sit VERY close to your TV (less than 4 ft.), 4K offers nothing of value. 1080P looks terrific and is much less expensive than the current 4K units...

Yes. Is the OPPO decently future proof at this time?
Is the Alpha Dac 2 going to improve the Oppo sound?
Speculation on AVScience forum has the 103/105 good for another year or so due to the lack of finalization of the 4k standard, and lack of chipsets that support current standards in HDMI 2.0.

At least I hope so, as I just ordered a 103 :)
Yes I agree unless you want 75" or better stick with 1080p. I will say the 4k TV's are expensive because most have up scalers to convert all 1080p to 4k. The point is the Oppo IS ready for the future. Also,the Oppo uses one of the best DAC chipsets on the market today, so no, I don't think running through a external DAC will make any improvement (whats better than the Saber Dac's?? A DCS product...LOL).
Can I hook up cable TV and have upgraded video for television?
Will it take basic shows and help them look more hi def?
I connect a DirecTV HD-DVR to the Oppo 105 via HDMI so the Oppo provides stereo analog audio to a Parasound JC-2 preamp with by-pass, surround directly to Proceed HPA amps, and SW to a Velodyne SMS-1 bass manager. HDMI-1 from the Oppo goes to a projector that throws to a 100" screen; HDMI-2 goes to a monitor I use when I don't want to fire up the projector. !080p sure looks Hi Def to me. The sound with DTS Blu-ray discs is superb, and often very good with programs we record. Opera on Blu-ray is a real treat.

Even on my Oppo 103D concert blu-rays are a treat. In my case it's HDMI out to the projector and digital coax out to my Wadia intuition amp. And to my ears the DAC on the Wadia is more natural sounding than Oppo Sabre DAC.

And the picture (usually darbee enhanced) is fabulous on my 150" screen.
Thanks db. I still don't know if regular non hi-def tv is better through the 105 Darbee?
Thanks Larry. How much and in what way do you find the sound of the Wadia better? You mention blu-rays. Can tv be enhanced as well?