Improvements from av preamp to 2 channel preamp?

Hello audiophiles, I would like your opinions on the improvements that would be had from changing from an arcam av8 ht/2channel preamp to a dedicated preamp such as the aloia pst 11.01. I already have an aloia st15.01 amp. My speakers are stereophile class "a" rated piega c-8 hybrid ribbon speakers. My passion is 2 channel music, mainly acoustic. I have a dedicated room with dim. of appx 14.5x21.5x9'. Also 3 dedicated 20 amp circuits. I do watch a movie about once a week. Was thinking about switching the interconnects depending on which preamp I was using. My source is the hram level 2 modified denon 3810. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Exactly what I used to do before I broke my system into two systems. Find a good two channel preamp with hometheater pass- through and your all set (saves switching interconnects).

You can also do it the older way with preamps that lack the pass-through feature by using the (unity gain) method.

Your prepro will only need to be turned on when watching movies or using any ather source you choose to run through it...everthing else will be connected directly to your two channel preamp.

Twc, how do you like your hram mod'ed 3910?

To answer your question, you may be missing nothing. But of course that depends entirely on the true sonic quality of the pre/pro v. the preamp.

For example, I have up for auction right now a Primare P30 5.1 pre/pro that has true analog processing in by-pass mode. In that ad I show how the P30 has compared to preamps in the $2000 to $8500 range that I've owned or demo'ed in my home in the last 4 years. In short, the performance of the Primare P30 more than held its own in every case but one and then it was a close second to my $8500 preamp.

But throw in the superior egonomics and original retail price of the P30 ($4000) and it was cleary the winner every time.

My only reason for selling the P30 is that I no longer have need for any preamp with my new APL 3910 cdp arriving any day now.

I love the hram 3910. It is finally broken in and sounds great. I love the mids and airy highs. Bass is great also. Very tuneful and lifelike. I like it much better than the consonance/opera audio ref. 2.2 tube cdp that it replaced. Lightning hit the ref. 2.2 and I am glad that it did. I had an occasional skip with it in my room. When everything went right with the 2.2 it sounded great also. But not up to the modded 3910 IMHO. I am sure you will be satisfied with the apl 3910. Thanks. Tim
Welcome to the APL Jungle, Stenho.
Tvad, I'm still waiting for it to arrive. Hopefully any day now.

Last August, a friend brought his May '05 edition over to have a listen in my system and left it for a week.

Initially I was unimpressed. But after a little warm-up it became quite impressive. But again that was the May edition. I'm anticipating some very nice surprises with the new dacs, etc..
Stenho, we will be interested to know what you think.
I sensed that you are into music. First off, digital isn't(it's a description of it). Do you like to relax? I recommend Nuforce amps and the Oritek X-2 interconnects.