Improvement over nuforce sta 200?

For those who like the sound and/or have own the nuforce sta 200 amplifier, Which amplifier you replaced it or have heard noticeable improvements over the nuforce sta 200? 
Thank you
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@alfau7. I know the amp as well as anyone. Please tell me the system ( ancillary equipment ) you have paired with it, and what do you feel you are missing from your musical enjoyment ? Enjoy !
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Most of my colleagues, and folks that I know, who have, and enjoy, the STA 200, wish it were physically, larger in size. Not to be taken in a Freudian sort of way ( maybe ), lol. Your Scansonic MB1s, are, imo, somewhat horn like, in their delivery of information from upstream components, and the music. Fast, dynamic, detailed, expressive, etc. What is your listening room like ( size, acoustics, rugs, windows and window treatments, etc ), and the seating distance between you and them, and them, to each other ? I understand, very well, the desire to upgrade, because, there is always an upgrade, that can be made.......The room / listener / speaker set up, is 1st and foremost, a very important matter, unless you are involved in headphone listening.
The wall behind the speakers is 10f with a window that covers 3/4 of it with a thin courtain, the distance between each speaker is 7f, the distance from where I set to the center between the speakers si 9f. The acoustic of the room should be on the warm side as it has carpet on the floor and roof. The is a sofa with many pillows. The speakers have a bit toe in, the twitter should cross well behind me
Sounds to me, things are ok with your set up. " carpet on the roof ".  That is awesome. How close are you to the wall behind your listening seat ? I did get to read the gear post prior to the deletion.