Improvement over Kimber/Ixos combination?

I am looking for some general advice on my current setup. Overall my system I think sounds quite good, but not having much to compare to, I wonder if there is an obvious move I could make to improve it without having to spend significant dollars. I have recently upgraded to my current amp and preamp.

Amp: Aragon 8008ST
Pre-amp: McCormack TLC-1
CD: Cal Audio Icon MK II (non-HDCD)
Speakers: Boston Acoustics Lynnfield 500L II
Power: PS Audio Ultimate Outlet
Interconnects: Ixos 1001 Gamma Master Connect
Speaker Cable: Kimber (tri-wired)- Lows 8TC, Mids 4PR, Highs 4PR
Power Cable: SignalCable on CD, Amp and PS Audio UO

I’m wondering if my cable setup could use some help??? For example, I’ve seen some pretty good deals on AudioQuest Slates recently on the site.

Any knowledgeable suggestions would be appreciated.

I was using some inexpensive IXOS interconnects in my all tube system for a while. I found them to be better than two models of Audioquest cables I tried (Coral and the next model up). I am now using Ananlysis Plus Crystal Oval from CD to Preamp and Silver Audio Silver Bullets from Preamp to Amp. This is a wonderful combination for me. I would use the AP for both, but my budget ran out (and I wanted to try some silver cables in the system).

I liked the Ixos cables better than anything I tried in the same price range.
Mine are actually fairly expensive Ixos interconnects. I believe there is only 1 or 2 models better in their line. They were somewhere near MSRP $200 for a 1M pair.

I've got IXOS Gamma Encore 1002 interconnects ($50 closeout thru Audio Advisor)

and IXOS 6003 speaker cable (about $2/ft)

That's my current cable setup and it seems like a good comprimise of performance at the price point (no obvious weakneses). Haven't heard Kimber speaker wire but I have heard a kimber interconnect in my system (PBJ or HERO, can't remember which) and the IXOS 1002 beat it hands down.

so I'd say IXOS speaker cable might be worth checking out (no im not a dealer) to replace your Kimber

BTW, I borrowed and auditioned a bunch of interconnects in one session and IXOS, JPS ultraconductor, and Goertz (micro purl?) came up the victors. Audioquest came up a close second (very accurate but was a little too "cut and dry" for my taste). Out of respect I won't mention the three loosing brands.