Improvement In Sound?

I'm on a controlled budget right now, but need a DVD player. Question I have is, if I buy a good enough one, will it also serve as an improvement for listening to CD's (via analog)? I currently have (don't laugh) a Denon DCM-560 CD player ($650 new in late 90's). I started looking at the Denon 2910 DVD player and then thought maybe I should pick up a 3910 instead and use it to play CD's ... as an improvement over my DCM-560. If hooking up analog to listen to CD's, do you think I'll hear an improvement over my current 20-bit CD player?

you will need to answer the question for yourself. compare the two denon players. my approach is to have a dvd player for viewing and playing dvd audio discs and a separte cd player for playing redbook cds.
Not likely - Keep your old Denon CDP - it was and is a rather good machine.

DVD players dont sound 'good' for music...

Get some Machina Dynamic Magic Pebbles and intersperse them around the Denon. You won't believe your ears.
I kinda agree with each and all of the 3 first replies.---Pebbles; not to sure???
Dang it, I forgot the LOL again.
Actually I owned a DCM-560 a few years ago. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding changer. I owned mine long enough to get used to the clunky tray mech.
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