Improved my VPI Super Scoutmaster w/Rim drive

I recently installed Symposium Acoustics Point Pods, 1 in front, and 1 in the rear of the motor assembly. The Point Pods fit exactly in between the rubber feet, so the rubber feet hold the Pods in place but are raised above and no longer touch the support shelf (Ultra shelf). I had to raise the height slightly to allow the rimdrive to meet the center of the metal rim of the Super Platter. Symposium made me 2 additional thin plates each measuring 3.8mm which I placed 1 on top of each Point Pod. The sound is more rock solid, and I no longer get a very slight vibration coming from the motor assembly due to the rubber feet. PRAT are all improved. I have the 10.5i tonearm with a Lyra Titan-i cartridge. Highly recommended!!
This sounds interesting. Any way you could post pictures of this assembly. I currently am running the same table but with the Benz LP. So the rubber feet are now only stabalizers? My only concern is that the motor housing is so heavy it might really increase rumble if it rocked around much. If you feel it's working well, this concern must be unfounded. I have considered trying the Teres Versus(they make a taller version) but that would be a pricey experiment when the stock drive works well for me.
The rubber feet (the original feet, I removed the newer and taller upgraded rubber feet) are not making any contact with the Ultra shelf-they are suspended a few millimeters by the Point Pods and extra plate. The feet just happen to just make contact with the edges of the Point Pods to help secure the pods within the motor assembly. Just turned out that way with the stock size Point Pods.
I am using the Aries extended with the single motor flywheel and did something similar. I removed the rubber feet from the motor and substituted 3 .2 Audio Points from Star Sound. I am using the threaded 1.5 Audio Points in place of the VPI feet. Both of these made significant improvements. The 1.5s also helped my Scoutmaster. I ended up putting sorbothane discs under it's motor as the .2s were too short in it's present configuration but I intend to set it up for them as the pads were not nearly the improvement the points were. The motor has no motion at all on the points sitting on a metal Star Sound shelf.