Improve sound

I have a pair of martin logan 40i. Blusound node most recent version. Anthem mrx 720. I have the speakers connected with bi wire blue jeans speaker cable. The blu sound via optical cable.  I have about 1000 dollars.  What could I upgrade.  Thought about getting an amp like the parasound 23+ or upgrading the streamer to a cambridge. Please I would love some help/suggestions.




  speakers is weakest point in gear chain. So  you will have very small improvement until you upgrade the speakers

synergy is a bitch. I would try smaller, more musical speakers first that you can return. (Revel, Buchardt, Dynaudio, Totem, Q acoustics, Monitor Audio, ....)

Being as you have an Anthem, I assume you've run ARC? If not, run it and you'll be better off. If so, go into your ARC file and make some tweaks (one at a time btw) to better the sound.