Improve a "modern" turntable?

Hi, for many years I had a VPI Hw19 turntable. It was very tweakable - with upgrades and mods, the sound improved. Last year I bought a "modern" design - Hanss T30. It is basically not tweakable - or tries to be. Yet I think there are sound improvements to be had, here also, as in many other similar "modern" or "we thought it out for you" type of designs (e g using semi-magnetic suspension, like the Hanss).

I have improved the sound by a heavier record clamp, and some damping underneath the platter, to correct for the over-eager aluminium tendency. I am looking for other modifications, especially related to the Hanss player, but also for general knowledge. It may be, that with a bit of tweaking, these "modern we made it for you" type of turntables can rise from good to great.
Perhaps no Hanss T30 (or T60) owners on Audiogon?
My question includes more general issues, like how to get a big aluminium platter sound best. But I hope for comments from owners.

At the moment, I am trying out the motor placement tweak, suggested by someone at the internet: place the motors behind the player, not to the sides, this gives better timing. I have tried this before, but test once more now.
However the result is the same. I prefer the music with the motors to the sides. I can't see (or hear) the advantage of the 6 drive belts pulling the platter in one direction, in a design made for a balanced, two directions pull.
Typical areas to investigate are better feet and better cabling. The stock feet are very good, but does it sound even better on a platform? I have it directly on a heavy stone rack. I use a Kimber power cable but have not experimented much with cables or feet/platforms.

Most things work fine with this player, but setting the exact 33 1/3 and 45 rpm speeds is inconvenient with the small screws in the control box. I wonder if the box could be upgraded.
I would consider a better motor controller and a Sutherland Timeline to set the speed it is much more accurate than the various strobe disc on the market currently. Best of Luck
I'd consider posting in the ANALOG section, you might get more help.
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