Impressive Audiogon, Great Job!

Audiogon Staff & Members

I just want to say it's very impressive to see you keeping this big machine running smoothly. Your latest response to the members' needs is not only timely but very professional. You've provided a great service to audiophiles for a long time. I also want to say to the members, speed bumps are going to happen as technologies change, innovate, adopt, adapt and advance. It's exciting to see the industry and hobby evolve and sites like Audiogon play a huge role in making this evolution happen.

Congrats and all the best from MGA/RoomTune & TuneLand

Michael Green

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@michaelgreenaudio Thank you

From Audiogon

"Thank you all for your feedback on our latest site update. We spent the week addressing technical glitches that affected filtering and browsing. In addition, search/browsing pages have been simplified based on your feedback. With these patches making search and browse stable, we are able to release the ability to choose between the Classic View you are used to and the new Grid View. Simply navigate to any search/browse page and click the View drop-down next to the Sort By Preferences to switch between the two. Your preference will be set via cookies; you will not be required to make the change every time you log in."

I hope Agon doesn’t mind me doing the above Copy & Paste, but this is what I mean by impressive. Those who have never had a site/forum to maintain can never imagine the work involved. Audiogon is one of, what maybe 10 (probably less), successful sites of their type in the world. And one of the originators of these types of sites, maybe even "the" original.

Even early on it was evident that Audiogon’s mission was to move this hobby forward. Over the years you could see their mind’s wheels turn to keep ahead of the audiophile experience curve. They could have easily developed and shown a bias that made the playing field for both sellers and buyers uneven but if you paid attention over the years you can see that Agon has strived to make all things equal, not an easy task, and not an easy thing to pull off in a hobby that has more mood swings than most other hobbies.

Michael Green

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He’s giving audiotroy a real battle for the Oscar in Audiogon’s “Best Self Promoter” category. 

And the winner is...............
Well let me know if I win. I usually get a heads up so I can be there to give my acceptance speech. Did you see the one I gave with Jeff Bridges? Man I was so nervous my knees were knocking.
Judging by the way Audiogon is deleting posts critical of your original, there may be no award this year. 

And your skinny little knees will be saved an arthroscopy. 
Yes they love to delete posts.....
Analogluvr, whose post(s) gets pulled first, yours or mine?
I have a buck on mine. 
Who wants a piece of the action?
I refrained from posting simply because I had a feeling mass deletion would ensue.
Gut instinct wins again....
It's expand-your-vocabulary day today.  And today's word is: sycophancy.
cant search by zip, audiogon used to be my #1, its a disaster now
@timunder Zip Code Search is working to the best of our knowledge. Can you send a ticket to [email protected], Attention: Tammy
She can provide you screenshots  or trouble shoot the problem with you if there is an issue. 
@timunder I agree with you on the zip code search. They also need to allw sort by item and by price as the prior iteration had that.
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Delete here: theaudiotweak 07-07-2018 1:03pm
Insert here: Post removed Jul 7, 2018
Seeing as admin has their eye on this thread I repeat that neither the zip code OR setting a price range function works.
Both items I emailed agon support about Friday...….
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It's just my input here and advice as someone who has a forum as well, but some of you guys should chill your pill and save it for another time. The work Audiogon is doing for you, as we speak, is what is important here and I think the communication between those giving their real time experiences of the site is what we should all be focused on so that Audiogon has the opportunity to find the bugs and get them worked out.

To those folks who are pointing out some of the issues, I know this is a big help to the situation and as all of us can see Audiogon is on the ball to make sure things run the way they need to be.

"Judging by the way Audiogon is deleting posts critical of your original, there may be no award this year.

And your skinny little knees will be saved an arthroscopy. "

Yep, and don't worry there will be plenty of other threads for the kids to play in, but for this one and maybe others I think what's important here is getting to the issues and solving them as fast as possible

What is the purpose of this thread?

Shouldn't have the original post been e-mailed to [email protected], Attention: Tammy instead of becoming a thread?
What’s that brown stuff on your nose little Micky?

I am one of the customer's who really disliked the changes that Audiogon made to the website.  I e-mailed Tammy and within a couple of days, the "search by price" function within a brand was fixed, and they were very gracious about my comments.

Right now, the "classic" view works fine for me, and I thank Tammy and Audiogon for it.  And no, I don't sell audio gear for a living.  So, I hope I don't get too many posts nominating me for the "self promotion" award.

If I'm grumpy about something (like the changes to the website), I try to address the issue privately, in order to get the change I am hoping for, and avoid embarrassing somebody.  It works for me.

Meanwhile, the public poster's do a great job of calling out the folks, like... say.... Michael... who wins the above-mentioned award, hands down.

Happy buying and selling.
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Posts are disappearing folks. 

I’m stunned. 

michaelgreenaudio OP233 posts
07-07-2018 7:21am
Well let me know if I win. I usually get a heads up so I can be there to give my acceptance speech. Did you see the one I gave with Jeff Bridges? Man I was so nervous my knees were knocking.

I voted for your Mr. Michael Green Audio!

One more vote for Michael Green Audio. Diamond medal for effort. Delivery could be improved on, but effort is unparalleled.
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Post removal pace accelerating as they vanish like magic.

Maybe David Copperfield  is the guest moderator. 
For real, what is happening with posts?

Twenty-two survived although it is really twenty as two are Administrator’s.

Eight got deleted. It seems like an unusually high percentage.

What could have been in those posts? There are threads with insults far beyond acceptable and those posts stay. Were these eight really that horrific? I am just curious.

The post I see as the one probably needing redirection (deletion from the forum itself) is the original post. Nothing wrong with praise, it may be deserved, but it is really a feedback, not a forum material. It should have gone to feedback e-mail.


It would be more appropriate if you stayed on topic. This thread is addressed to the Audiogon staff and Audiogon members both. What Michael writes to Audiogon in private is between he and them.

Please keep in mind that you have stated on other threads that you are here specifically "to waste time" your own words. It's hard to tell if you have something meaningful to say on this thread and topic or wasting time again.  

For the record folks, jf47t is Micky Green.

Let’s stop the nonsense right here. 
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That seems rather unlikely. Are you trying to start up a bromance?

I noticed that original post was addressed to Audiogon and members. The Audiogon part is clear. It is a deserved praise, a feedback. What other members have to do with the original post is unclear. That is why it is impossible for us to stay on that topic and say something meaningful about it as it is not a topic at all. Words were valid, medium is not. That is all I wanted to say.

As far as my interest in forums go, stay on topic and topic is not my interest in forums.
Hey  Guys, Tammy is OK and answers Q's promptly-- Agon is what we

use and it is now part of our world

Oh if we are having a niggle--only pity is Agon has my Balance from

that"ill fated"(sorry!) credit account bizo --now defunct as I'm led to

believe it cannot used as Part Payment for a listing.


Why can you not sort the headers any more? 
Tammys the best always helpful and fast