Impressions on Audiomeca Digital Gear

I was just wondering how many of us Audiogon members are using Audiomeca Mephisto X player/transports or Enkianthus X DACs, or the Mephi/Enki or Obsession II series units, and what your impressions are. I've noticed very little press on this gear (for what the press is worth).

I'm presently using an Obsession II/ Enkianthus DAC combination, and I could not be happier. I'm finding it to have a very smooth, wonderful, analog kind of sound. Are there others out there who have the same impression?

I would be interested and would respect other Audiomeca owner's opinions. No matter what their impressions may be. Thanks in advance.
I am waiting for my Obsession II cd player to arrive. I completely agree with you that it is very musical with everything. What differences did you find with and without the DAC?
Hi Merlocpm. You are going to love your Obsession II. I don't know what you are presently using, but the Obsession is a wonderful sounding player. When I used the Obsession without the Enkianthus X DAC, I would find myself listening to my turntable about 50% of the time, and the Obsession the other 50%.

Then I got the "Enki".

I don't listen to my turntable much any more.

Nuff said?
I had an Arcam 72T with the intentions of moving into the FMJ23. Somewhere along the way my ears changed and instead of looking for the "audiophile sound", I wanted something that I could play all my cds.
Hi again Merlocpm. After responding to your last question regarding differences between before/after DAC, I kinda felt bad. I really didn't answer your question. I apologize.

But, you do understand that you are asking me to differentiate between two different technologies. 24/96 non-upsampling and 24/192 "up" are really totally different in terms of sound.

The Obsession does everything very nicely. It's operation, features, playing ability and overall performance is extremely impressive. It is a player that you can own and listen to for many, many years.

But, when used in conjunction with the Enkianthus X DAC, it will easily compete with and possibly far exceed the performance of many digital rigs out there. I am speaking strictly in terms of sound.

The most accurate comparison I can give you?

Think of the best turntable you ever heard, and then make it "dead black quiet" in regards to the noise floor. The detail that you will be hearing is beyond comprehension. One thing for sure, the ability for Audiomeca gear to resolve detail seems to be "run in the family" no matter what model we discuss.

Let me know how you like your Obsession.

I am a big FAN of Audiomeca gear. I have a Creatura CD player and have listened to (my Friend's) Obsession I and II, also to Mephisto transport with Enkianthus D/A Converter.
Audiomeca Digital gear is really something special in the Digital World. Very musical, natural and very analog like sounding(isn't that the greatest compliment to Digital?).
Best regards!